teams deployment

Microsoft Teams is the primary collaboration application within Office 365.  It provides the same security and compliance as Office 365, giving you peace of mind that you are protected.

A powerful platform, creating a Team is not a singular action.  With each Team created, the following is also created:

Everything accessible from a single portal.  In addition to being a collaboration platform, Teams is also a complete meeting and call solution.

Before starting a deployment Microsoft Teams, there are a number of considerations to be planned including Technical & Legal aspects, Security and Permissions, adoption and engagement.  Understand the difference between a Team and a Channel and how you can organise content with Tabs.  Also, check out available integrations and how these can be leveraged within Teams.

Engagement and planning are key to the success of your project.

Teams implementation
Implementation phases for Teams

An example to assist engagement is to utilise Microsoft Teams for a pilot.  Demonstrating a use case for the solution is an optimal way to get users on board and increase adoption.

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