Office 365 Tips – Calendar Categories


Managing your time can be time-consuming!

Being organised is not everyone’s strong point.  Demands for your time can come from many angles and tracking where you’re supposed to be and with whom can be tricky.

Sometimes it can feel that it takes a lot of time and effort just to try and stay organised!

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, there are a number of features that can help you including:

  • Flagging emails for follow up helps you to remember to reply to emails
  • Creating tasks is another way to keep all emails or actions on your radar
  • Using folders can help organise your emails

Adding entries to your calendar  is a very useful way to block out time to work on your tasks.   Something urgent comes in and you have to deal with it.  You need to make a call on what existing tasks can be moved to another day and what needs to be done today.

How can you make that call quickly?  If you categorise your time in your calendar, moving time around becomes easier.  You have time blocked out for customer meetings and time for internal meetings.  The meetings are easily identified because of their category colur and enable you to make a quick decision around priority.

Watch this video to find out more.

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