CRM Systems

A CRM System is an important system to help you business find success.

The benefits of a good CRM include:

  • Visibility of client contact throughout the business
  • Improved client relationships
  • Informed ability to cross-sell 
  • Alerts for tasks due
  • Reduced duplication through integration with existing systems


One frequent complaint about CRM systems is user adoption and that no one will use it. 
This can be attributed to a number of factors but the most common ones are generally around:

  • how the system has been configured
  • the user communications in the run up to launch


A lot of time and effort can be expended manually entering data from one system to another.  A CRM system is usually the first time a client’s details are saved anywhere within a business.  Some details will embark on a data journey throughout your business when a customer places an order.

When an order is placed:

  • how do the details get sent to the delivery teams?
  • how does your finance team know to raise an invoice?

If the data is entered each time into each system, there is a risk of incorrect data being transferred or potentially not at all if someone forgets to do it.

Automate this by integrating your CRM to pass the details instantly the status is changed in the system.  This ensures that the relevant teams are notifed and have the correct details instantly.

CRM Partners

We aim to bring you suitable systems and we have partnered with CRM providers to be able to fully support our clients. 


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