Take Control of your Digital Workplace


Digitising – its not as hard as you think!

Have you already embarked on your Digital Workplace journey?

How much of your daily workload have you automated?

Does your CRM work efficiently?

Can your staff communicate with customers and collaborate efficiently?

Every business will be at a different stage of digitising and whether you like it or not, its here to stay.

Help is available

Whether you know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there, we’re here to help.  We know that a lot of businesses see resistance to digitising and moving away from ‘how its always been done’.  Whilst the tried and tested methods of working may have served you well over a number of years, if you are not embracing new systems, you can guarantee that your competitors will be.

Don’t be left behind!

Process for digitising

When thinking about moving to any new system, we would recommend following the process below.

    1. Investigate – Do you know what problem you are trying to resolve?  How will you understand the benefits to the business and when you’ve achieved a Return on Investment?
    2. Digitise – Step 1 will provide the requirements to be delivered however, good project management will keep scope and budget under control
    3. Stabilise – there will always be a list of enhancements that don’t make it on initial go live.  Its tempting to start rolling them in as soon as users are using the system.  This usually leads to disengagement from users as too much can happen too quickly
    4. Reflect – Before implementing that list of enhancements, take time to reflect on how the project implementation went and get feedback from end users.  Always act on feedback! Review what users are saying and let them know what you think.  If you are going to enhance the system or not, communicate back to them.  This will build up trust and help with engagement on any further changes you may be planning to implement

These 4 steps should be a constant, iterative process. 

As soon as the process stops, your business could fall behind your competitors.

Note: – following this process does not necessarily mean spending lots of money!