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Peace of mind with support for your users. We know that not all businesses have experts in every application.

Office 365

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Have you ever spent an hour trying to figure out how to attach a shared email address to your Outlook, or how to set versioning on documents in SharePoint?  Its frustrating!  Your time is better spent on your day job, not trying to be that technical subject expert.

We provide that expertise for you.  Bridging the knowledge gap within your business for Office 365.

Our monthly support packages ensure you have someone to rely on for that.


Managed Email Support

Email is usually the lifeline of a business.  Its how you communicate both internally and externally.  What happens when you have a problem with your email client?  How do you add a new email address? How much time have you spent waiting for emails to send or you’ve never received an email you’re expecting?

Microsoft Outlook

We are experts in managing email through Microsoft Outlook.  From setting up a new user, adding shared addresses and distribution lists to protection and security.

Our monthly support packages ensure you are prepared for any eventuality and keep your communication channels always open.


CRM Support

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Managing your sales pipeline and customer relationships is reliant on your CRM system.  How much would your business suffer if you it wasn’t working properly for you?  Would you lose business or reputation?

Many companies find that user engagement is not particularly good for their system after they have made an investment in both time and money to implement it.

We have experience with a number of popular CRM systems and can offer support for onboarding, configuration and general end user support.


Our expertise covers many internal systems, have a chat with us to see how we can help you.