Systems Training

Systems training and upskilling

Systems training is the key to your staff actually using the application.

With every new system, comes an element of change management.  This is aided by 2 factors: communication and training.  You’ve spent a proportion of your budget on a new system, don’t wait 6 months to find that people don’t use it or like it.  Get them on board with training.

Have you ever attended training and left with a headache and only being able to apply a little of it back at your desk?

Our systems training is scenario based and in addition to leaving with the knowledge of the how the system works, you will also be able to apply it to your role/business.

In addition to our product training, we deliver half and full day open courses on Office 365 applications.

Half day courses

Systems Training & Learning


Introduction to Formulae and Tables


Introduction – Headers, footers, layout, embedding pictures etc., tracking changes, restricting editing by others

Working with Styles – How many times have you wasted time trying to format a Word document? Learn how to create style templates that can be applied to every document and make changes quick to apply


Organising your time effectively using categories, views, organising meetings and sharing meeting notes, signatures and personalisation


Manage OneNote notebooks and organise tabs, connect to Outlook and take meeting notes, track tasks, dictate direct to the notebook.

Microsoft Teams

Learn how to structure your Teams and start collaborating


Manage projects, tasks, integrate to Teams and Outlook


Creating presentations that are simple but effective.  Dispel the ‘technical glitch’ fear

Full Day Courses


connect your data sources and enable strategic decision making with powerful data analytic dashboards

Microsoft Flow

Learn how to create simple workflows including how to track Social Media 


Intermediate – Explore Pivot Tables and Charts

Advanced – Analyse your data using Get & Transform (PowerQuery)


We offer 1 -1 training or group sessions either at your workplace or an external venue.

We have scheduled courses throughout the year, watch out for dates in our events calendar and social media.


If you would like to know more about our training services get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.