Valo Intranet

valo intranet

Engaging your colleagues is a pivotal component of your digital workplace.

Your remote workers should no longer feel remote from the rest of the workforce.  Gone are the days when they had to travel long distances to be brought up to date with everything that’s happening.

Your Intranet is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is the single portal for all your employees to access information, documents and link through to external systems.  

When was the last time you had to ask someone to send you the link to a document or system?

With Valo Intranet, we bring a collaborative approach to improving Valo_devicesproductivity.   Utilising the power of SharePoint (either on-prem or Office 365) ensures Valo can scale from small companies to enterprise.

This rapid deployment solution typically enables you to have your intranet portal in place within one to four weeks.

Core Features

Core features include:

News Publishing

Event Hub

Page Templates

Target News and engage people with comments and likesPublish and track internal events such as training Ensure consistency allowing you to focus on content
FAQNews AlertsQuick Links
Create dedicated FAQs bespoke to your businessBusiness wide important announcements can be promoted to an alert pop upQuickly navigate using front page shortcuts

Extend your Intranet

Additional modules are available to expand your intranet’s capabilities.  These include:

Social HubTeamworkIdea Management
Bringing your corporate social media activity to a single accessible place for colleaguesManage groups and team sites.  Provding collaboration tools such as project managementInvite ideas and suggestions and involve everyone in scoring.  Provide feedback on ideas discussed

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