Are you getting value for money?

measuring success

We cannot run a business without some form of computer system these days. Whether its a basic Office package creating documents and spreadsheets or a complete bespoke application for your business, we have all invested time and money in implementing systems.

Measuring Return on Investment

If you have made a significant investment recently, you probably did some research on available systems but how robust was your planning?

Do you understand what challenges you are addressing?

Were all your users engaged and accepting of the change?

Ultimately, do you know what success looks like?  When will the system have paid for itself?

It can be difficult to measure a return on investment (ROI) but you can do it on a basic level measuring the gain against the cost.

Costs to be considered should not just be the cost of the system, but think about time, effort and disruption to implement.

Gain can be measured by an improvement in the time and effort to complete tasks following implementation and whether all users are actually using the system.

If you try out demos of systems, time yourself completing the same task on each system and compare it to how long it currently takes to complete.

Managing the Change

In addition to identifying costs and potential gain before starting your project there are also a number of elements that will help with the success of your project.

The image below is a well known model originating in the 90s to manage complex change however, no matter the size of your project this will be relevant to you.

Managing Change

Without Vision there is ConfusionWhy is this project happening? Convey your Vision to others or you will give in to the path of least resistance which may be more costly.

Without Skill there is AnxietyWe don’t know how to do this.  Hire or acquire the skills or invest in training for those involved.

Without Incentive there is Resistance.   What’s in it for us?  How will we benefit?  Lack of motivation will slow things down.  Make the Vision real for those involved.

Without Resources there is Frustration.   Resources could be financial, material or human.  Before you start identify who or what you might need to have in place.

Without an Action Plan you will have False Starts.  An Action Plan doesn’t need to be War and Peace.  Document what needs to happen, who is going to do it and when it needs to be done. Then stick to it!


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