What happens during the school holidays?

Is it business as usual or does your customer have to wait for colleagues to return from leave?

Visibility and Contingency make you Efficient!

There are 3 main holiday periods in a year:

  • Easter
  • Summer
  • Christmas and New Year

Each has a minimum of 2 weeks when staff numbers are reduced and parents take time off to be with their children.

How often have you had a question from a customer about an order and not been able to access the information they need instantly, because someone isn’t working that day/week?

Clients shouldn’t have to wait until a single person returns from leave or sickness before getting an answer or their delivery, or worse, be given the wrong information.

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario.  Thankfully, you can easily fix this with the correct system.

Managing approvals and delivery of products and services can be completed and tracked with Webcon BPS.

No matter what sector your business operates within, you have processes: Sales/Finance/HR/Delivery.  Are you confident that at every step there is more than one person who can see a task and action it?

Who has visibility of key milestones and tasks?

One of your key resources falls ill, could you take over their tasks?  Would you know where to find the correct information?

Webcon BPS provides dashboard reporting for complete visibility on task progress and compliance.  This not only enables management to see what is outstanding but also provides reporting for strategic decision making.







Save time and effort.  We provide a Proof of Concept which will demonstrate the capability of the system.

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