Webcon BPS

Webcon BPS 2019

Struggling with workflow? Automating your business processes couldn’t be easier after implementing Webcon BPS.

Paperless Office

Scan your paper records into a fully searchable, GDPR compliant document management system.

  • Want to find all the documents with a specific phrase in it?  Full text search makes it happen!
  • Ensure you only keep documents for the required period of time with retention policies.  Stay compliant.
  • Add approval workflows to your documents

Mail room

Managing incoming (and outgoing) correspondence can be time consuming. Register and manage incoming mail by scanning and assigning to the relevant recipient.

  • search for correspondence by client, reception date, recipient, etc.) and in case of documents subject to OCR processing, by attachments.
  • starting sub-workflows so that the correspondence registered at the front desk can be automatically managed within the business
  • track and report on various registration points

Process Automation

With Webcon BPS, manual tasks are removed and the reliance on your staff to remember to complete tasks is removed.  Document templates can be populated with dynamic content and sent for approval if required.  Any further tasks can be automated such as sending a contract to a customer/supplier, tracking responses and maintaining retention policies.

Popular workflows that can be implemented:


  • Invoice processing
  • Business trips requests and expenses
  • Internal accounting tasks


  • Employee portal to manage HR-related requests e.g. leave
  • Managing remote workers
  • Attendance monitoring


  • Helpdesk ticketing
  • Equipment request

Business Organisation & Support

  • Documentation & reporting
  • CRM
  • Car fleet management
  • Facilities management – Incident and maintenance reporting

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